Brad Dunnington

Business Advisor

Client Testimonials

“Brad and I were introduced in 2007 by a mutual CEO friend in Columbus who had worked with Brad for the previous several years.  My business, Air Force One, was experiencing the kind of operational challenges that frustrate businesses trying to grow to the next level. Brad and I did an in depth review of our business and he helped illustrate and navigate several important changes in how were allocating and organizing resources. In our particular case, we were struggling between centralization and decentralization. The first critical unlock for us, was the recognition that our business should be decentralized, with most of the governance and pricing decisions happening close to the customer.  Since 2008 our business has grown 43% and I believe it is the kind of growth that is sustainable because of the structure we have built to support it.  After our initial 6 months of meeting on a weekly basis, we throttled back to a monthly touch base, which we still do. Additionally, Brad helps to facilitate our leadership meetings from time to time. He is humble, smart and passionate about helping businesses and their associates be successful. I feel fortunate to have him as a consultant to myself and our team.” 

Greg Guy

CEO at Air Force One

“I value Brad’s breadth and depth of experience. His background in manufacturing, retail, finance, and internet companies allows him to provide advice on a wide variety of management and business model opportunities and challenges. Brad is an excellent listener which contributes to his ability to provide insights with clarity and precision."

Michael Swartz
President and CEO at Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.


“Brad is a great sounding board for me and has helped me to think thru different opportunities in the work that we are doing at White Castle. In addition to being a trusted advisor, I have used Brad for various facilitation engagements with my senior team - which allowed me to get more transparency and feedback from my team.”

Lisa Ingram

President and CEO at White Castle


“Brad has continuously advised my high-growth, high-energy company and management team on how to reach our full potential by helping us create the necessary infrastructure and tool sets. Brad helps us make sure that the process of business doesn't ever get in the way of creating business. His coaching expertise helps turn smart young people into effective and driven managers. And, as an added bonus, Brad is a technology junkie, so I can always count on him to be up to speed on the latest and greatest.
Last but not least, he is a super nice guy and a true pleasure to work with.” 

Lisa Stein
Founder / CEO at Revolutions, Inc;

“I have known Brad Dunnington for several years and have recently asked him to serve in an advisory capacity for Syrus, Ltd. I have found the time and resources that our company has spent on forming the relationship with Brad to be an excellent investment. Brad has not only a diverse and relevant background in the technology industry, he also has the unique ability to capture and articulate the business opportunities and challenges that we should consider, and to help us formulate a strategy for exploiting those opportunities.  I have often commented that there are many people who have an in depth knowlege of technology, but that Brad is one of the few I have met who combine that with an equally deep knowledge and ability to advise on the 'business' of technology. There have been many key tactical and strategic decisions that I have made only after an in depth conversation and joint analysis of the subject with Brad.  I feel confident recommending Brad Dunnington for any position in which he is asked to advise on strategy or similarly important tactical initiatives.” 

Jim Karam
President at Syrus, Ltd.

“I first met Brad Dunnington a few years ago when he was a member of the local TechColumbus COO Forum. I found Brad's broad knowledge and insight into business and finance exceptional. He was consistently able to offer helpful input into issues and concerns raised by the forum's business executives. Because I was able to see firsthand Brad's approach to business, I asked Brad to join LSP Technologies' Advisory Board. I was thrilled that he accepted my request and Brad now serves on our Board. Although he has only been a member of the Advisory Board for less than a year, his contributions have already saved the company money and helped set us on a path of rapid growth.  I can highly recommend Brad Dunnington for any top level consulting on business and finance, or to serve on your Board.  Brad is top notch.”
Jeff Dulaney
President & CEO at LSP Technologies, Inc.

“Brad has been on the Board of idegy, inc. for approximately 5 years. During this time, we have also asked Brad to consult for us on initiatives ranging from Strategic & Business Planning, Performance Management, Compensation Systems Design, Sales Management and Technology. These have all been very successful engagements. He is a trusted advisor and a valuable board member, as well as a great coach to me and our whole management group. I enthusiastically recommend Brad's work to others!”
Matthew Grossman | idegy
Founder & CEO of idegy, inc.

“Brad is a highly competent leader and business executive. His innate ability to rally and motivate a team to accomplish great things sets Brad apart from his peer group. Combined with his keen focus on delivering substantive, measurable results, he is a tremendous asset to any organization.”
Dave Brumback

Partner at Columbus Consulting International

“Brad and his organization has been amazing to work with.  He is a true partner, always available and willing to do what it takes to deliver a seamless solution and a great experience both for his customers and for their ultimate customers.  His vision, patience and consistency have been instrumental in helping us to achieve a capability today that we thought would still be months, if not years away.  Brad has a rare talent for taking strategy all the way through to execution.
Matthew Dunlap
Chief Operating Officer, Charles Penzone, Inc.

“Brad has worked with Transmet as an Board Advisor for several years. He has helped guide us through increasing our sales, improving our margins and focusing us on the best markets to pursue. He has also helped Transmet work through shareholder changes and the 2008 recession.  I would recommend Brad to companies similar to Transmet. He is a valuable resource.”
P. Doug Shull
Owner & President, Transmet Corporation

“I met Brad in mid-2009 when we engaged an equity group he was working with.  In 2010 he took over the role of CEO and for more than three years he directed our business and the social media expansion.  Brad has a wide breadth of knowledge in many areas from social media, technology, budgeting and executive coaching.  His reading list is extensive and I think I am a better executive after working for him for three plus years."
Liz Plotnick-Snay
Cheif Operating Officer, Gooseberry Patch

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